June 04, 2008

Shout Out: YouTube's Canal Narradores

Congrats to Martha Escudero and her fellow storytellers over in Barcelona. Her YouTube Channel just made the midday news in Barcelona (you can skip ahead to 1:15 in the clip, from Televisió de Catalunya) as a must-see online destination.

Since Canal Narradores (that's "Storyteller Channel" in English) came onto YouTube 9 months ago, it has set the standard for quality production for traditional storytelling on YouTube. Even if you don't speak Catalan or Spanish, check out some of the storytelling videos. Not knowing the words, you'll actually learn a lot about gesture, voice, inflection, and pauses... and what works on the small screen. You can also see how quality sound, lighting, and camerawork enhances the performance.

And if you're going to be in Barcelona, don't miss Martha's storytelling series for adults, Contes i Cuentos, at the Harlem Jazz Club.

(Learn more about Spanish and Catalan storytelling at the ANIN, (Associació de Narradores i Narradors) website, which includes a directory, links to storytelling festivals and groups, and articles from their past newsletters.)


Connecting Stories said...

very cool indeed. Especially liked the camera work and stark back drop.
My minimal spanish and her increyibile gesture and expressions allowed me to get quite a lot. Thanks Tim! However did you find this?
PS check out http://massmouth.blogspot.com/
we are linked to you!

Tim said...

I've been scouring YouTube for storytellers and their videos for two years now. Martha had the foresight to tag her first videos with the keyword "storytellers" so I found it rather quickly.