October 06, 2008

National Storytelling Festival Round-Up

I did not have the pleasure of attending the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tennessee this year, so here are some field reports (but not many reviews) from those who did:

Emma Cofer, at Inside Vandy: Stories Abound at National Storytelling Festival

Johnson City Press:
Storytelling festival says ‘The End’ until next year; crowd down slightly


Ellouise Schoettler blogs all four days of her trip! You go girl!
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Broken on the Wheel: every story has an ending but it's the tale that is the heart

Blabbin' Grammy: Jonesborough Storytelling

Elena and Maeve: Jonesborough Storytelling Trip

Found a few more mentions via Google and Myspace, but just namechecks of the festival under "what I did this weekend" and no reports.

Mountain Mama Suzy, several entries

polgara_5's livejournal

Hey, an actual entry from one of the performers, Minton Sparks, on Myspace.

Jeff Brunson: "The Providential Buckeye"

Betty checks in post-Festival from Jonesborough at her blog.

Exchange Place teller Kindra Gayle blogs about her trip

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