February 04, 2009

Now that's "Uncalled For": the Tour

Three storytellers (Kim Weitcamp, Bil Lepp, and Andy Irwin) with a common comic sensibility have put together their own concert and organized their own tour. Six cities in two months.

Such promotions are not uncommon in music, or in standup comedy. But in storytelling? I've never heard of such an enterprise.

I'd love to see this succeed as a new model of producing. Whether they succeed or fail, I suspect this is the only self-organized tour we'll see in the next three years, simply from inertia (doing the same old thing, producing wise, that's been done the past 30 years).

Tour opens in Idaho next week. Keep up with the tour on its blog.

Is it too much to hope for YouTube videos from the side of the road as the tour van breaks down?


About Sean Buvala said...

Yep. Done a few myself in storytelling, most of note in the northwest US.

I don't think there is anything new here as far as tours go. I am sure it will be great fun to see the three of them do this event.

I hope they do well. Part of their success will lie in Andy's musical followings I a sure.

Break a leg, kids.

Tim said...

Should have been more specific.

I haven't heard of a group of storytellers banding together for a tour like this.

Sean, I assume you toured solo?

About Sean Buvala said...

I toured with a group of performers across disciplines, "Friday's Faces: Theater for All Things Possible." We primarily did churches and schools, mostly northwest and southwest U.S.

And, just because the dozen festival tellers don't call themselves a group doesn't mean they aren't all touring together. ;-)