August 26, 2009

Online Storytelling Resource: Storytell

STORYTELL, an email discussion list, used by storytellers and storytelling fans since its creation in 1995 by Karen Morgan, then a graduate student, at Texas Women's University, has a new home: the National Storytelling Network.

Have a storytelling question regarding technique, business, or material and want to crowdsource the answer? Storytell, while not the largest online forum for storytellers, is a very active list.

Most of my readers will already now about Storytell, but I'm posting this info as virtual bread crumbs to create a trail to its new URL.

For instructions on subscribing and using the list:

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About Sean Buvala said...

I am still hoping to be able to use html and post 1995 communication tools in that list. Not sure it is going to work. LOL.