October 07, 2009

National Storytelling Festival Wrap Up, Part 2: the Blogs

A sampling of blog postings reflecting on the 37th Annual National Storytelling Festival, held in Jonesborough, Tennessee, the first weekend of October:

Emma Coffer and Erin Maring, posted their reflections on their blog, Whims-E:
Are you afraid of the dark?
Stories! Trains! Fun Hats!
I wanna sing, I wanna dance, Allelu
Top Three Story Moments

Blogger Ellouise Schoettler writes about her Jonesborough experience on Ellouisestory. She wasn't just an audience member—she was one of the invited performers!
Friday to Sunday at the National Storytelling Festival

Annie Campbell teaches third grade, and writes eloquently about her students and the process of teaching, writing, and telling stories. She's been to the National Festival before, and went again this year:
By Chance?

Over at the Storytelling Arts of Indiana blog, storyteller Lou Ann Homan-Saylor writes about her pilgrimage to the Festival, accompanying Ellen Munds, who was awarded the National Storytelling Network's Oracle Award for Distinguished National Service this year, the night before the Festival.
The Mecca to Jonesborough

Appalachian blogger and storyteller "Granny Sue" can always be counted on for a detailed description of her travels, as well as a few photos, and she does not disappoint this year:
National Storytelling Festival: Storytelling and Friends

Over at Alone on a Limb, Terrell Shaw shares his impressions of the tellers he heard at the Festival: Sunday Concert, Truthful Lies


Slash Coleman said...

Tim, I am fascinated by your two entries on Jonesborough - what a great use for technology. Thanks so much for posting these entries.

Slash Coleman


Thanks for bringing this together - gives a fuller picture. I am still tweaking my blog entries about the Festival if anyone wants to check it out. You know - storytelling process with memories.

Terrell said...

Thanks for mentioning my post. I haven't gotten around to a full post on the festival yet. Sheila and I talked of making the trip for 25 years. I'm so sorry we took so long to actually do it. We enjoyed every single teller. And listened to the CDs we bought there all the way home.

Granny Sue said...

This was a good way to put together the thoughts of all of us, Tim. Thanks!