August 27, 2010

In Conversation with Ellouise Schoettler

I can't quite remember the timeline of how I met Ellouise Schoettler. I'm sure it was via email first (perhaps on STORYTELL). She introduced herself in person at the Bay Area Storytelling Festival. I ran into her again in Fresno, California, at the Rogue Festival. And then I found her blog, and her online videos. I've learned a lot from Ellouise: we worked together in a MasterMind group, and this year, we each had shows at the Capital Fringe Festival in Washington DC (where I finally got to hear her tell in person... and she had one of the most focused, robust social media strategies for promoting her show of any of the 130+ artists in the Festival). While I was there, she asked me to come be interviewed on her cable television show, "Stories in Focus," and I was delighted to talk with her on camera about my work as a storyteller and storytelling blogger.

Considering we didn't plan our conversation at all, I thought we managed to sound reasonably coherent. Ellouise wanted to keep the conversation lively, so all I knew going in was that I could tell a story (about 10-12 minutes long) and that I should think of a tip to share at the end of the show.


100 millones de visitad said...

It's a very interesting interview, Tim. Congratulations from Spain.


Hi, Tim -
Have to set the record straight. The robust in my social media strategy at the Fringe came from Robin Schoettler Fox - a SF area social media coach and strategist. Robin planned the approach and then joined in - seamlessly - as as a long distance participant. It taught me that a team of players is much more effective than a single voice. And, that Social Media is a really important part of the marketing plan. Hope to see you again soon. Ellouise