July 09, 2012

Conference Musings: An Open Invitation

Alas, my schedule this year has not permitted me to attend any storytelling conferences-- although if you follow my Twitter feed you may have noticed me plugging Sharing the Fire in March,  Northlands Storytelling Conference in April, the Tejas Storytelling Conference in early June, and the National Storytelling Conference at the very end of June. In my experience, attending a conference like these is a rewarding opportunity to immerse oneself in the tribe of storytellers, to share ideas with fellow artists, to geek out on the minutia of the storytelling art.

If you had a chance to attend, and were inspired, perplexed, challenged, or refreshed, you are welcome to share your reflections here in a guest post.

Drop me a line and we'll schedule you.

In the meantime, check out a few reflections on the National Storytelling Conference from Carolyn Stearns over at LANES/CT Stories+Storytellers, the always eloquent Laura Packer at True Stories, Honest Lies, and dlmar, The Memoir Writer.

OMG. Loren Niemi has started a blog. Why didn't I get the memo? Read his reflections on the National Storytelling Conference, "The Cincinnati Commentaries," here.

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