January 02, 2008

Thought Leader: Limor Shiponi

Back in July 2007, I was bemoaning the fact that the storytelling community did not have a "lively agora," a place online to generate the kind of conversational buzz the same way a conference could.

I made this complaint on an email list which once, a decade ago, could have laid claim to such a description, but which has since happily slid into irrelevance.

Little did I know that others peeking at the list would take my complaint as a call to action.

Limor Shiponi, a storyteller, musician, and professional life coach in Israel, quickly set up her own blog, aptly titled "Limor's Storytelling Agora."

Since then, she's not only shared tips and tricks of storytelling, but used her blog to generate conversation. One area of interest of hers is the role of narrative in video games-- an industry still in its infancy which desperately needs to understand the role of storytelling.

Limor hasn't posted anything recently. Go back and look at her past postings. What do you think of her coaching tips? Her exercises for understanding the connection between folktales and personal tales? Do you agree with her assessments on the role of narrative? On the primacy of orality in the storytelling act? Leave her a comment... see if that will get her posting again.


About Sean Buvala said...

The video gaming industry have left us in the Storytelling community in the dust. They have surpassed us and don't need us. We had a chance in 2006 July to make a connection with a major leader...and we spent our time fighting about irrelevant things right in front of her. Bad. Mad. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

I was surprised to see this incoming link! Thanks for this post. You are right - I was absent for a while but for good reasons. Go back to my blog and you'll find out...
And Sean - I would not give up so fast :)

About Sean Buvala said...

I would be delighted to not give up.