January 16, 2009

Farewell, Winter Tales

(hat tip to Oklahoma Tellers)

After 28 years, the Arts Council of Oklahoma is closing the doors on WinterTales, its annual storytelling event. The Arts Council is, however, opening the doors on the Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival, which will be a new event in the fall.

I never had a chance to attend, but I did like one of its unique features: it asked its featured tellers to each perform the same well-known fairy tale, but with a different spin or perspective. Audience members might be treated then to three or four different versions of Sleeping Beauty or Rapunzel, each told from a different character's perspective, or set in a different cultural milieu, or told in a different style. (I got to sample such a Rashomon like concert at the National Storytelling Conference in Oklahoma City in 2005)

The last WinterTales will be February 6, 2009.

Feel free to leave your WinterTales memories in the comments.

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